Globalists Wolves Frothing At the Mouth In Rage Are Activating A Treacherous Plot To Destroy

Lisa Haven News


By Lisa Haven

If you though the globalists initiation of federalized healthcare, via Obamacare, and a federalized United Nations education system, via Common Core were bad, then you’re about to be floored by their latest scandals that will kill the freedoms in America we so passionately adore.

The globalists were ticked when the British people decided they wanted to leave the European Union via a vote, Brexit. And even more emboldened when other European countries expressed their interests in doing the same thing. Their furry continued, here in America, when Donald Trump squeezed his way into becoming the presidential republican nominee—a patriotic candidate who openly stands against the New World Order agenda. Adding one last log to the globalists fire a group of hackers reared their heads and took the initiative to leak emails of corrupted politicians including from the Democratic National Convention, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton.

As a…

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