Zionist attempt to ban free speech at University of California including physical assaults & death threats

Are they in your universe…city ?. Most probably, yes

SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM - سلام القدس عليكم

Campaign to silence debate continues at the University of California


Once again, Israel advocacy groups were out on Monday to demand that the Regents brand criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic and “intolerant” – in the latest of many attempts to shut down one side of an important debate. The controversy is not about “intolerance.” This is a canard. Some campus members want to engage in critical discussion about Israeli policy, and others want to suppress it. As documented in our report – The Palestine Exception to Free Speech – Palestine Legal responded to nearly 300 incidents of suppression in 2014-15, over a third of which took place in California. We were struck by the repeated resort to false accusations of anti-Semitism in response to speech critical of Israeli policy.

The regents themselves have blurred the lines between speech critical of Israel and anti-Semitism.  At the September meeting, Regent Blum…

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CIF Readers Demand Better Reporting on Corbyn


In the past month and a half or so, both the Guardian and the Observer have come under sustained criticism for their extraordinarily hostile (as well as highly misleading) coverage of Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader of the Labour Party. Last Sunday, in an attempt to defuse that criticism, Observer published Stephen Pritchard’s The readers’ editor on… the Observer and Jeremy Corbyn, which attempts to absolve the papers of biased, tendentious and indeed partisan reporting on Corbyn.

Here’s Forthestate, the CIF participant who alerted us to the article and the readers’ reaction to it, quoting from Pritchard’s piece and then commenting on it:

While broadly sympathetic to Labour, the Observer has never slavishly attached itself to any party or political philosophy.

That isn’t the issue.

I share the view of some readers that the paper and the media in general misread the depth of desire, particularly among young…

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Iraq Rebuffs Washington, Rejecting US Ground Troops


Baghdad has not asked — and does not need — United States ground troops to assist it in its fight against Islamic State in Iraq, Saad Haithi, spokesman for the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, said Wednesday.

Two days ago, on October 27, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter had suggested that the Pentagon may now be considering ground attacks against ISIL in Iraq.

“This is an Iraqi affair and the government did not ask the U.S. Department of Defense to be involved in direct operations,” Saad Hadithi told NBC News, adding that Baghdad has “enough soldiers on the ground.”

In international law, as Hadithi pointed out, the United States is required to coordinate with Baghdad any military activity in the country, including the airstrikes the US and its coalition partners are currently conducting against ISIL targets on Iraqi soil.

The rebuff from Baghdad comes as yet another humiliation for Washington…

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The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs

SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM - سلام القدس عليكم

This documentary outlines the rise and fall of the Russian-Jewish oligarchs after the fall of the Soviet Union. The reason why this period in history is important is because it delivered to us and into the political arena, Vladimir Putin, the now Russian President, and the antidote to President Obama who’s serving on behalf of Zionist Jewry and their total control of the United States of America. Had this not taken place, the world we live in would now have been very different with possibly more wars and conflicts and we would be further in the grip of International Jewry.

President Vladimir Putin is truly remarkable because he, and he alone, thwarted Zionist Jewry and the U.S. puppet president Obama in their attempt to overthrow the Syrian government thus changing the geopolitical climate in the Middle East in favor of Israel, as was Iraq, and allowing for a future invasion…

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Turkey behind the False Flag Sarin Attack in Syria

SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM - سلام القدس عليكم

Turkish Whistleblowers Corroborate Story on False Flag Sarin Attack in Syria

Recep Tayyip ErdoganThis is quite the bombshell delivered by two CHP deputies in the Turkish parliament and reported by Today’s Zaman, one of the top dailies in Turkey.

It supports Seymour Hersh’s reporting that the notorious sarin gas attack at Ghouta was a false flag orchestrated by Turkish intelligence in order to cross President Obama’s chemical weapons “red line” and draw the United States into the Syria war to topple Assad.

If so, President Obama deserves credit for “holding the line” against the attack despite the grumbling and incitement of the Syria hawks at home and abroad.

And it also presents the unsavory picture of an al-Qaeda operatives colluding with ISIL in a war crime that killed 1300 civilians.

I find the report credible, taking into full account the fact that the CHP (Erdogan’s center-left Kemalist rivals) and Today’s Zaman (whose…

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Blair clearly lied about Iraq, there’s enough evidence to put him behind bars for a long time. Let’s do it!

SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM - سلام القدس عليكم

Going to War: Tony Blair’s “Contract in Blood”


“This is one of the most astonishing documents I have ever read.”

-David Davis, Mail on Sunday, Oct 17, 2015

It reads like a whodunit document behind a failed criminal enterprise.  As it should –it figured as a vital step behind the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  And it was found in a stash of previously secret correspondence on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server.

The Colin Powell memorandum in preparation for the Crawford summit of April 2002 (yes, that Powell, who has undertaken some considered Pilate handwashing ever since), was more damning than most. It outlined what the British role behind justifying an imminent war with shoddy grounds would look like.  More importantly, it provides ample carrion for the prosecution against Tony Blair for that often discounted charge of crimes against peace.

Ever since becoming prime minister of Britain…

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The Portal: Cobra’s Update ‘URGENT! TIME SENSITIVE! MAKE THIS VIRAL! Meditation for Europe on October 25th, 2015…’

Viralize this pumpkin

On the road to Souljoy

The Portal: Cobra’s Update ‘URGENT! TIME SENSITIVE! MAKE THIS VIRAL! Meditation for Europe on October 25th, 2015…’


Posted: October 23, 2015

There has been a recent development in Europe that needs our urgent attention. The refugee crisis in Europe has escalated again:




Stable Europe is crucial for geopolitical stability on the planet and one of key factors to more or less stable transition towards the Event.

Therefore it has been requested by the Light forces that as many people as possible support the people in Europe with our meditation again. This is time-sensitive and needs to go viral! We need to reach masses of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. It is time for us to unite in purpose so that Light will be victorious. Please post this on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet…

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Copy of Missing Dossier on Paedophile Ring Handed to MP*

Shine your ever loveing light on the dark deeds from a few old psychopaths who are patheticly self serving subservients &_ satan worshipers.

Hwaairfan's Blog

Copy of Missing Dossier on Paedophile Ring Handed to MP*

John Mann MP, who has handed a dossier of evidence to Scotland Yard Photo: PA

A dossier of evidence of an alleged paedophile ring which was believed to have been lost has been handed to a Labour MP who has been at the forefront of demands for justice for victims.

The dossier is believed to be a copy of the evidence handed to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan by Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1984.

“The files that are there, I know are valuable to their ongoing investigation.” – John Mann MP

A review of the Home Office’s handling of child abuse allegations dating back to the 1970s failed to locate a copy of the file.

The review, by NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless, reported last year that there was no evidence to support claims of an official cover-up, but…

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Jewish terrorists Call for Attacks on International Human Rights Defenders

SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM - سلام القدس عليكم

Settlers Call for Attacks on International Human Rights Defenders in al-Khalil

”These are not tourists. These are hostile anarchists. Soldiers and residents pay attention, the characters in these photos are here to harm Israelis for anti-semitic reasons. Act accordingly.”

The posters in al-Khalil calls for violence against internationals.
The posters in al-Khalil calls for violence against internationals.

21th October 2015 | International Solidarity Movement | Al-Khalil Team

This message, written in Hebrew, was posted by a machine gun wielding illegal Israeli settler outside the Apartment of International Human Rights Defenders in hebron. The posters showed pictures of the faces of the volunteers that were taken yesterday while they were picking olives with the family of the late Hashem Al Azzeh in Tel Ruimeda.

Illegal Israeli settlers attack Palestinians in al-Khalil (Hebron) on a daily basis with impunity. Settlers have also attacked international human rights defenders in the past.

In the last month the settlers and the Israeli military have…

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Doctors Confirm First Human Death Officially Caused by GMOs

Vortex: Conscious and Courageous

Doctors Confirm First Human Death Officially Caused by GMOs

January 18th, 2015 | by Barbara Johnson

Doctors Confirm First Human Death Officially Caused by GMOs

Madrid| Doctors of the Carlos III hospital confirmed this morning in a press conference, the first case of human death caused by the ingestion of genetically modified food. Juan Pedro Ramos died from anaphylaxis after eating some recently developed tomatoes containing fish genes, which provoked a violent and lethal allergic reaction. 

This surprising announcement comes after the autopsy of the 31-year old Spanish man who died  at the Madrid hospital in the beginning of January. The young man’s health rapidly deteriorated after he suffered an unexplained allergic reaction, and all the drugs used to refrain the anaphylaxis were entirely inefficient. The team of experts claims to have been able to determine that the genetically modified tomatoes that the victim ingested at lunch were the cause of the allergic reaction that caused his death.

Mr. Ramos was working as a clerk in a Madrid warehouse on January 7, when he started feeling ill…

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