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Don’t know about you, but I am alternately energized and wiped out this week…despite sleeping more. Seems like the times I am suddenly exhausted coincide with the timing of the energies hitting the planet.  (I later find out).  Big shifts are occurring in my life, all positive, but meanwhile I am going with the flow and resting when needed, being active when I feel the need.  ~PB

INCOMING! – ANOTHER CME IS ON THE WAY: Since June 21st, four CMEs have hit Earth’s magnetic field. A fifth is on the way. Sunspot AR2371 erupted again during the early hours of June 25th, producing an M7.9-class solar flare and a lopsided CME. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory photograhed the storm cloud, which raced away from the sun faster than 2000 km/s (4.5 million mph):

The CME will hit Earth’s magnetic field on June 27th, probably mid-day Universal Time. According…

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Rosalie Parker – Gaia Portal – Recent Updates – 6-25-15

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Transformational Energies

Rosalie Parker – Interpretations of Gaia Portal Announcements


A Summary of Recent Gaia Portal Posts

Forces Are Coming Together

Rapidly Accelerating

New Earth Transformation

Affecting ALL Earthlings

Here are the Gaia messages, my thoughts in orange.  This is a semi-serious game we play to decipher the levels of content from Gaia Portal.  Your own thoughts are welcome in the comment section!  If you get the emailed post, just reply and it will automatically appear as a comment.

Heralded arrivals are imminent


gaia_energy1Heralded arrivals are imminent.

This could mean several things and probably, all of these:

Latest crop of “new kids” being human angels coming in with astounding abilities;

arrivals of “The Event”—the two Events, one being mass arrests of Controllers, along with global currency reset (GCR) and distribution of money, and the other being celestial events signalling the arrival of energies from the Great Central Sun…

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