AMERIKA: The Fat Lady Sings – The Decline And Fall Of The American Empire

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“…The elite work through others – hundreds of thousands of others – trained in proper universities, trained in proper methods of diplomacy, manipulation, and control.  They work through others who are trained to react to incentives – money and power. These hundreds of thousands of people are programmed to act in a certain way.  Hillary Clinton is a perfect – and relevant for this time – example.  She cannot be and cannot act in any way other than how she has been programmed.  The person who gloated at the sodomizing of Kaddafi is what we know her to be”:

(The Fat Lady Sings—–The Decline And Fall Of The American Empire)

There are those in positions of power and authority – call them the elite – who desire that the United States government changes course;  no more global hegemon, as this path has led to the reality…

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Nature Valley is Facing Lawsuits over Granola Bar Labeling

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Culture of Awareness

By Julie Fidler, Natural Society

If a food product contains small amounts of glyphosate (an herbicide chemical), can it still be considered “100% natural?” Fed-up consumers are saying no to false advertising, and now multiple lawsuits have been filed against Nature Valley for exactly that.

The company is facing four lawsuits, including three federal class actions filed in District Courts in New York, California, and Minnesota, along with a civil case brought in a D.C. Superior Court on behalf of three non-profit groups. [1]

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Class Action Lawsuit against Democratic National Committee (DNC): Shawn Lucas Cause of Death Still Unknown as Clinton’s Campaign Lawyer Tries to Move DNC Lawsuit into the Weeds

Counter Information

Global Research, August 26, 2016
Wall Street on Parade

Shawn Lucas, Process Server for One Source Process, Delivering the Lawsuit Against the Democratic National Committee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz on July 1, 2016

According to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for Washington, D.C., it has still not determined a cause of death for Shawn Lucas, the 38-year old process server who delivered the class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee and its then Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to the DNC headquarters on July 1. One month later, the girlfriend of Lucas came home to find him dead on the bathroom floor.

It has now been more than three weeks since Lucas died with no cause of death announced. We asked the Chief Medical Examiner’s office if the delay was a result of toxicology tests being conducted. We were told it can…

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Louisiana Mayor Plans Lawsuit against State, Federal Government for the Man-Made Flood*

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Louisiana Mayor Plans Lawsuit against State, Federal Government for the Man-Made Flood*

By Aaron Kesel

Mayor Rick Ramsey of Walker, Louisiana has claimed the recent flood in his state was “man-made.”

No it wasn’t HAARP – it was negligence on the part of the state and federal government according to Mayor Ramsey, who talked to local CBS affiliate WAFB.

“I’ve been begging them for three-and-a-half years to give us more drainage under the interstate,” Mayor Ramsey said.

According to Ramsey, there was no drainage under the interstate and he’s been begging for three and a half years for the governments to fix it. The governments’ refusal to listen and provide the drainage caused the flooding according to Ramsey.

A six-foot tall concrete barrier that was put along I-12 when the interstate was expanded last year essentially put the city of Walker “into a bowl,” said Ramsey.

“When the Amite River went up, it hit that wall. We have video…

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Nestlé’s Attempt To Completely Privatize (Steal) Water In Oregon Put To A Stop: “Our Water, Our Future”

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The average North American uses 100 gallons of water per day. It is practically impossible in today?s society to avoid using excessive amounts of water; behind each purchase you make there is a hidden cost, such as the 650 gallons of water required to produce a generic cotton t-shirt, or the 139 gallons to make a single 16-ounce cup of coffee (source). The production of water bottles uses 17 million barrels of oil and 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, and it takes three times the amount of water to make the bottle as it does to fill it (source). Bottled water sales continue to rise, despite the fact that production is terrible for the environment and North Americans can get the same quality of water for free from their taps (read more about this scam here). In 2014, Americans purchased $18.82 billion worth of bottled water and in…

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The cavalry are coming: China Air Force to Join Anti-Terrorism Operations in Syria. Just make sure they know USA there illegally

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Chinese Air Force to Join Anti-Terrorism Operations in Syria

Chinese J-11. Click to enlarge

Chinese J-11. Click to enlarge

Media sources disclosed that a Chinese military delegation in a visit to Damascus explored avenues for the dispatch of a number of warplanes to Syria to intensify war on terrorism in the Middle-Eastern country.

“In a surprising visit, a Chinese military delegation conferred with Syrian Defense Minister Fahad Jassim al-Freij over engagement of Chinese fighter jets in bombardments of terrorist groups’ positions in Syria, mainly in Aleppo,” Debka file quoted a military analyst as saying.

“Chinese jets may launch bombing of positions of Jeish al-Islami al-Turkistani with over 3,000 Uighur fighter,” the analyst quoted senior spy officers of the US intelligence as saying.

Earlier this month, Beijing and Damascus agreed that the Chinese military to provide humanitarian aid to Syria, a high-ranking People’s Liberation Army officer said, adding that the training of Syrian personnel by Chinese…

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HIGH SOCIETY: AAA Safety Foundation Finds No Scientific Basis That THC In Blood Impairs Driving

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“…There is understandably a strong desire by both lawmakers and the public to create legal limits for marijuana impairment in the same manner we do alcohol,” said AAA president and CEO, Marshall Doney, as reported by the Associated Press. “In the case of marijuana this approach is flawed and not supported by scientific research”:

(AAA Safety Foundation Finds No Scientific Basis That THC In Blood Impairs Driving)

No scientific basis exists to legitimize current THC testing in place in five states who base their impaired driving standards on THC levels in blood. According to a study from auto club giant AAA’s safety foundation, a blood test threshold for THC — the chemical component of cannabis that makes people ‘high’ — is simply not scientifically possible.

Yet, in five of six states where cannabis is legal, the tests are used to determine whether or not drivers should…

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