The Most Dangerous Force on Earth is 100 Million Armed Americans with Nothing Left to Lose!

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(An Ultimate Line in the Sand)

All Federal, State, and Local Elected
and Appointed Officials and Employees;
All Public and Private Media Outlets
WE THE PEOPLE, the Free Citizens of these United States, of the Several Sovereign States, and of the Counties, Cities, and Towns in those states;
Notice of Non-Compliance, Declarations and States of War, and
Citizen’s “Rules Engagement.”
WE THE PEOPLE, the citizens of these United States of America, individually and collectively, hereby proclaim certain specified and unspecified usurpation’s, laws,  regulations, policies, practices and actions of elected, and non-elected public servants and employees are unconstitutional, unlawful abuses and excesses of power, control, and manipulation, often to the detriment, safety and security of citizens, and  without just cause or legitimate, lawful authority; and that such violations  will no longer  tolerated.
Henceforth, any…

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Highlights from article, ““State of Hawai‘i Judge Rules Hawaiian Kingdom Still Exists”!!!”

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hawaiian_kingdom_shield_29I decided to put a few of the highlights I gleaned from this earlier post here in a separate post.

English and Dudoit were two of four Molokai fishermen alleged to have boarded another fishing boat from the island of O‘ahu off the coast of Molokai and threatening those on board. The Associated Press reported, “Some Molokai residents are hailing four arrested fishermen as heroes for protecting their island’s resources from outsiders.” Hanohano Na‘ehu said after the arraignment where all four fishermen pleaded not guilty, “This happening is a great way to highlight that people have been coming from different islands to Molokai to rape, pillage and raid our resources for the longest time.” He also stated, “For us on Molokai, these four individuals are heroes. All they were doing was protecting the resources for our families, for our communities, for our island.”

…an evidentiary hearing was held in the…

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Benjamin Fulford 3-23-15… “Khazarian Satanists shake their fists in fury as control of the financial system slips out of their hands”

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“…according to Pentagon sources, the… US corporate government in Washington D.C. failed to make a gold delivery and effectively went bankrupt…

“…the US Republic announced they would work with the AIIB…

“…In effect this means that the BIS, the World Bank and the IMF have all undergone a fundamental change of management.”


Khazarian Satanists shake their fists in fury as control of the financial system slips out of their hands
Posted by benjamin, March 23, 2015

There has been an undeniable pole shift in the international financial system that has left the old Khazarian Satanist cabal out of the loop. This change was formalized, as predicted, on March 20th, to coincide with the solar eclipse, super-moon new moon and Spring Equinox that took place then. After the UK split with the US to join China’s proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and others followed…

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On the road to Souljoy ‘Mystery of our 145 ‘alien’ genes: Scientists discover some DNA is NOT from our ancestors – and say it could change how we think about evolution…’ March 13, 2015


Study challenges views that evolution relies solely on genes passed down

Instead says we acquired essential ‘foreign’ genes from microorganisms

Humans contain ‘alien’ genes not passed on from our ancestors, researchers have discovered.

The say we acquired essential ‘foreign’ genes from microorganisms co-habiting their environment in ancient times.

The study challenges conventional views that animal evolution relies solely on genes passed down through ancestral lines – and says the process could still be going on.

Cambridge researchers say we acquired essential ‘foreign’ genes from microorganisms co-habiting their environment in ancient times.


The transfer of genes between organisms living in the same environment is known as horizontal gene transfer (HGT).

It is well…

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Refining Frequencies to Match the Desired Reality

Winging with Whitehawk

Following is an audio of Bashar’s 2015-2016 predictions.


He still holds that there is a threshold moment coming in 2016 (posted here in an entry titled Attention Attention Attention a couple years back; not sure that audio file is still  available online, but the transcription is still on this blog), and has a lot more to say here about how events are aligning IN RESPONSE TO HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS AND ACTIVITY. A lot of “expansion and contraction” is expected, according to this source.

This talk is a good reminder that life happens through us, not to us, among other key points. This material does not support the idea of

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