Turkey’s Links With ISIS: New Evidence Provided by Russia

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Turkey’s Links With Islamic State: New Evidence Provided by Russia

The Brussels bombings have accelerated US efforts to close off the last remaining Islamic State (IS) route out of Syria through Turkey, which officials suspect was the main thoroughfare for militants who carried out deadly attacks in Belgium and France.

On March 23, the day US State Secretary John Kerry arrived to Russia, top US diplomats pressed Turkey to embrace a proposal to rely on American-backed Kurdish fighters to shut down the highway, which the militant group use to send dozens of attackers across Europe. This is a very important news story.

«After our Aerospace Forces initiated the operation to terminate the illegal traffic, particularly of oil and oil products, from Syria… to Turkey, this traffic has decreased substantially», Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during his recent meeting with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who visited Moscow on…

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Lawsuits Are Pouring In, As The Guerrilla Force Task Against Monsanto Grows

Openhearted Rebellion

farming-before-and-after-monsanto-any-questionsThe fact that the Monsanto Corporation is invading countries with their bio-tech frankenfood technology, considered to be a significant global threat to agriculture, We The People feel it is fair to use guerrilla tactics in court to defend our lands, health, … and our natural human way of life. 

From Earth We Are One

Guerrilla warfare is a military tactic to remove unwanted invaders of a country.

Unwanted new regimes are unable to predict the relentless surprise attacks staged by the local countrymen.  Their actions are small but, enmasse, create a movement that pushes out the opposing invasion.

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CRONY CAPITALISM: Americans Have Been Turned Into Peasants, Time To Fight Back? – By Mike Krieger


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“…The 1% has been convinced that the stock market represents some sort of leading indicator of wealth and prosperity… It represents the opposite indicator when it merely reflects the ownership interests of the oligarchs in a crony-capitalist, fascist economy that is picking away at the dying carcass of what little economic freedom still remains”;

America used to be the land of opportunity and optimism. Now opportunity is seen as the preserve of the elite: two-thirds of Americans believe the economy is rigged in favour of vested interests. And optimism has turned to anger. Voters’ fury fuels the insurgencies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and weakens insiders like Hillary Clinton.

The campaigns have found plenty of things to blame, from free-trade deals to the recklessness of Wall Street. But one problem with American capitalism has been overlooked: a corrosive lack of competition. The naughty secret of…

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israel Illegally Controls More Than 85% Of Palestine

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PCBS: “As Palestinians Mark Land Day, Israeli Illegally Controls More Than 85% Of Palestine

The following is a press release by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistic (PCBS), marking the fortieth anniversary of the Palestinian Land – March 30, 2016.

Israeli Occupation Authorities laid hand over more than 85% of the total area of historical land of Palestine which totals about 27,000 km2. Arabs comprise 48% of the total population but utilize only 15% of the land.

Israeli Occupation also set up a buffer zone along the border of the Gaza Strip extending over 1,500 m along the eastern border.

Consequently, the zone usurps about 24% of the total area of the Gaza Strip (365 km²), which is one of the most densely populated area in the world with about 5,000 capita/km².

Furthermore, Israeli Occupation maintains tight control over more than 90% of the area of the Jordan Valley…

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Jordan’s Abdullah Meeting with Mossad Officials

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Local Editor

Jordan's kingJordan’s King Abdullah met with the Zionist intelligence agency – Mossad in Amman to discuss Russian military intervention in Syria, according to a report released Friday by the news site Middle East Eye.

The site said that the report is based on an account that was witnessed by MEE of a January 11 conversation between American Congress members and the Jordanian king during his visit to Washington – the report comes after  midair confrontation took place over the southern Syrian border between Russian fighters and Zionist and Jordanian F-16s, Middle East Eye revealed.

The report did not mention the date of the meeting between Abdullah and the head of Jewish intelligence agency.

“We saw the Russians fly down, but they were met with Israeli and Jordanian F-16s, both together in Israeli and Jordanian airspace,” Middle East Eye quoted Abdullah as saying.

According to the report, the incident…

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Why is David Cameron So Silent on the Recapture of Palmyra from the Clutches of ’ISIS’?

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Robert FiskThe biggest military defeat that “ISIS” has suffered in more than two years. The recapture of Palmyra, the Roman city of the Empress Zenobia. And we are silent. Yes, folks, the bad guys won, didn’t they? Otherwise, we would all be celebrating, wouldn’t we?

Why is David Cameron So Silent on the Recapture of Palmyra from the Clutches of

Less than a week after the lost souls of the ‘Islamic Caliphate’ destroyed the lives of more than 30 innocent human beings in Brussels, we should – should we not? – have been clapping our hands at the most crushing military reverse in the history of “ISIS”. But no. As the black masters of execution fled Palmyra this weekend, Messers Obama and Cameron were as silent as the grave to which “ISIS” have dispatched so many of their victims. He who lowered our national flag in honor of the head-chopping king of Arabia [I’m talking about Dave, of course] said not a word.


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