Army Recaptures Handarat Camp, Expands its Control Area Reaching al-Kindi Hospital

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29 September 2016 18:10

Provinces- Syrian Army units on Thursday managed to eliminate the armed groups which infiltrated into several points in Handarat refugee camp in Aleppo and expanded its control in the area reaching al-Kindi Hospital, according to a military source.

Handarat’s liberation is of high significance to the Syrian army as it facilitates the return of thousands of displaced Palestinian refugees to their homes there after over four years of war in Aleppo.

Army Kills Large Number of Takfiri Terrorists across the Country

Moreover, army and Armed Forces units, backed by the Army Air Force, launched more military operations against the armed terrorist organizations in different areas across the country, eliminating a large number of their members and destroying their equipment, SANA reported.


The Syrian Air Force destroyed tens of vehicles equipped with machine guns for ISIS terrorists as it targeted their positions and convoys in the…

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