An israeli own goal! @FIFAcom there’s NO place for apartheid in sport

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An Israeli own goal!

Opinion Israel on Verge of Being Dismissed From World Soccer Because of Settlement Teams

Many people won’t be aware of Beitar Givat Ze’ev, a small club that plays its games in the Israeli third division. But it could be why Israel is kicked out of the World Cup and all international soccer competitions next month.

Rogel Alpher, Ha’aretz
September 17, 2016

The Givat Ze’ev settlement in the West Bank. Photo, Emil Salman

The fans of Beitar Givat Ze’ev — a soccer team that plays in the southern section of Israel’s third division — may not know this, but their club is one of the five most important in Israel today. In fact, not in Israel. According to international consensus, Givat Ze’ev lies in what is defined as occupied Palestinian territory. This makes it a non-Israeli club playing in the Israel Football Association (IFA). In the…

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