Declassified FBI Report: US Foreign Policy, Not Religion, Sparked Rise of Terrorism in US

Counter Information

Global Research, September 15, 2016
A newly-released 2011 FBI Intelligence Assessment shows the 11 percent uptick in terror plots against the US from 2006 was led by US persons, not foreigners. A “broadening US military presence overseas and outreach by Islamist ideologues” bolstered the increase.

The previously classified document was the result of analysis conducted by the Los Angeles Division of the FBI and the Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC), covering terrorist plots against the US and its interests from 2001 to 2010. It was made public via a California Public Records request to the Los Angeles Police Department, according to Muck Rock.

“With high confidence,” the March 2011 intelligence report says, foreign nationals “led anti-US targeting prior to 2006” with 52 percent, but a swift change came in the subsequent years, with Americans plotting 70 percent of attacks.

Behind the surge in domestic or…

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