The Latest Bio-Piracy: Big Pharma Co-Opts Ancient Flower that Heals 96% of All Diabetics

Openhearted Rebel

By Christina Sarich, The Mind Unleashed

When pharmaceutical companies can’t recreate mother nature’s astounding healing abilities, they simply co-opt them. Of course, they do this so that they can patent a drug, when a real plant is freely available to the world in a non-pharmaceutical form, to make billions off of their ‘invention.’

Big Pharma’s latest attempt to profit from the offerings of the natural world comes in the form of an ancient flower. This stocky, furry-stemmed plant with yellow buds has been found to practically cure diabetes Type 2.

Does the modern medical establishment promote the use of the whole flower? Nope. They can’t make any money off of that remedy. Instead they eagerly take it to a lab and start trying to mimic its ‘active’ compounds and isolate them.

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