Israel Did 9/11

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This week we remember 9/11. FIFTEEN YEARS and the truth is still hidden. Well, sorta. This week I include some images regarding that world-altering event and then the usual whack of everything but the American elections ~ which I will save for later this week. Meanwhile, I am off to celebrate my daughter’s wedding and forget politics for the rest of the weekend. Cheers to you all.

Nice Jewish girls in Purim costumes

I have pointed out this Jewish cartoonist many times in the past. Here he brings attention to the Saudis as perpetrators of the atrocity helping defer attention from Israel.

This enlarges considerably

What you see here are parts of one of the towers embedded in the side of a nearby building…..  Hmmm.

Dark … but this is my favourite of the week.

See: Former Glamour Model Groomed Online as Jihadi Bride

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