Strangeness in Kazakhstan – An Illuminati Capital?

Deus Nexus

Giant Eye Just Appeared In The Sky Over Kazakhstan


Source:Bored Panda | by James Gould-Bourn 

Ever get that feeling that somebody is watching you? Well as you can see from this giant eye that just appeared in the sky over Kazakhstan, you might not be as paranoid as you think…

Already dubbed ‘the eye of God’, the picture was captured by an amateur photographer who goes by the name of 1shustry. It was taken in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, and you’ve got to admit that it looks pretty creepy. “I only noticed the eye a few days after I took the picture,” wrote the photographer after posting the picture online. And now we’ve seen it, we can’t unsee it. What could it be? Is it God? Is it the Illuminati? Is it an alien? Or could it simply be Apple’s latest version of the iCloud? Sorry…

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