SACRED GEOMETRY: Conscious Human Intention and the Nature of Quantum Communication – By David Sereda


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“…As far back as the late 1920’s…such legendary scientists as Max Planck, Neils Bohr, and Albert Einstein – realized that human intention was affecting experiments. According to the scientists he spoke with, Sereda said that “an intentional smear campaign was created” to discredit this quantum communication research. He alleged that the reason for this cover-up was to maintain control over the populace, which the ‘powers that be’ feared would be unstoppable if they knew about and could harness the true abilities that lay inside the mind”:

(The Nature of Quantum Communication – By David Sereda)

Scientist and filmmaker David Sereda discussed his latest research on how communication works at the quantum level, and how information about this remarkable human ability has been suppressed by the government. “What’s amazing to me is that consciousness is not accepted among the forces and it should be,” Sereda mused about…

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