Clinton cheats, breaks debating laws by wearing earpiece to receive instructions from her “handler”

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Hillary the CHEAT!

Clinton caught wearing covert earpiece during last night’s debate with Trump… brazen dishonesty on display yet again


Mike Adams — Natural News Sept 8, 2016

The depths of raw deception and dishonesty routinely displayed by Hillary Clinton is nothing short of astonishing. Now we learn that she was wearing a covert earpiece during last night’s town hall debate with Trump.

The earpiece, clearly visible in the photo below, is a violation of debate rules, allowing Hillary to receive audio from another “handler” who tells her what to say. Actor James Woods tweeted a picture of the earpiece, point out, “She can’t even #lie without help from a gaggle of other #liars through an earpiece.” (Twitter source).

The obvious presence of this earpiece points to several huge revelations about Hillary Clinton and her failing campaign:

1) She is willing to lie, cheat and deceive to almost…

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