U.S. Trained Militants Formed the ‘Core of Daesh’/ISIS*

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U.S. Trained Militants Formed the ‘Core of Daesh’/ISIS*

A top Daesh leader with a 3-million-dollar bounty from the U.S. State Department on his head received counter-terrorism training in the United States for 11 years, CNN reported. In an interview with Sputnik, Dr. Alon Ben-Meir, political analyst told Radio Sputnik that the case with Khalimov is not isolated. According to Ben-Meir, U.S. trained militants that formed the core of what is now known as Daesh.

“Many of these people did not join ISIS [Daesh] then, but remained active in various capacities,” the expert said.

“Kalhimov was in the command of the police force, he was not motivated by what Daesh has been doing. But subsequently he sort of gave up,” he added.

Made in America: State Dept. Launches $3Mln Manhunt For Daesh Leader Trained in U.S. Gulmurod Khalimov, who is also a top recruiter for the jihadist group, once served as a commander of a special operations unit in the Interior Ministry of Tajikistan. From…

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