NATO gives Russia a choice – to die or get down on knees

Counter Information

Source: Pravda.Ru photo archive

The risk of nuclear war has never been so high, an it is connected with NATO’s building-up weapons in the territories of European countries, which border with Russia, doctors and peace activists Leif Elinder, Anders Romelsjö, and Martin Gelin wrote.

The experts believe that these countries will be the main target, if Putin decides to respond. Capability to carry out a responsive strike used to be a persuasive deterrent. But there is no relative security of nuclear parity any more. Russia and the US openly accuse each other of creating existential threat.

And the US’ building-up of nuclear weapons and surrounding Russia lead to utterly dangerous and unstable situation. To oppose advantage of the first strike becomes harder and harder, the analysts note.

Romania and Poland deploy newest ‘defencive’ air defence systems called Aegis Ashore with the NATO’s assistance. The President Putin warned these…

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