Why Do You Hurt Me? A Poem About Quitting Smoking

Karma Yoga Daily

A poem by Nigel David Richey, Contributor, Culture of Awareness

Why do you hurt me like you do?
In the beginning I assumed we were cool.
Two lost Angels attempting to reconnect.
But this relationship has been one sided.
Because of you I’ve lost personal respect.
I won’t place all the blame on your name,
Despite your disregard for life, your obvious hunger for fame is what kept me in my lane.
You told me you loved me, I held your spirit even as it got vain. When you said you no longer needed me, I held on tighter just to maintain.
I’m addicted to you can’t you see?
I’m lost without you in my broken field of dreams.
Do you even care ? Would you even dare to spend some time to discuss how it is I let you rob me blind?
Would you be so kind as…

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