USA “experts” surprised that their “moderate terrorists” are a bunch of racist and sectarian head choppers

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Why do US “Experts” Who Supported the “Moderate” Al Qaeda Terrorists Suddenly Find Syrian Rebel Sectarianism “Extraordinary”?

Moon of Alabama


Anti-Assad luminaries in the United States suddenly play surprised that their beloved “moderate” insurgents are a bunch of racist and sectarian head choppers. But this was obvious as even the very first demonstration against the Syrian government in March/April 2011 were driven by sectarianism. Countless members of minorities in Syria have since been murdered by “western” and Gulf supported “moderate rebels”.

Why do these anti-Syrian “experts”, who supported the genocidal insurgents, suddenly find that abhorrent?

The “moderate rebels” and al-Qaeda in Syria currently attack the government held parts of the city of Aleppo. Part of their attack plan is the storming of the Artillery Academy in Ramouseh district. The academy was the scene of mass murder in the 1979-1982 Muslim Brotherhood uprising against the government. The name they…

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