OILIGARGHY: ‘There Will Be Blood’, Exposing The Secret of U.S. Petro-Dollar


Source – geopolitics.co

“…Seeing how the West blew out its chance of creating a world of prosperity and abundance for all, and instead misused its knowledge of science for plunging the world in a constant state of war, the higly marginalized Eastern economies decided to form an alliance that would neutralize the growing forces of Evil, and it took a master stroke how China was able to wrestle that economic hegemony out of the West with the simple use of its billion strong labor force, a classic use of Oriental wisdom, i.e. the use of the aggressor’s force against itself, or the Western capitalists’ appetite for cheap labor against their own economic empire”:

The era of disclosure continues with the recent revelation of how the US petrodollar came to be.

Although this is nothing new to those who have been digging deeper into this subject, it’s completely another thing…

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