America’s Election 2016: War, Globalization and “Fake Democracy”

Counter Information

Global Research, August 02, 2016

More talk of war, repression and national oppression amid worsening social conditions in the United States and globally

Now that both the Republican National Convention (RNC) and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) are completed in Cleveland and Philadelphia, the political character of these capitalist parties in the United States are clear for all conscious people to see. There was nothing new that developed among the leading forces within either of the organizations that ostensibly represent the American electorate.

In Philadelphia at the RNC, the forces of billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump dominated the gathering with speeches calling for the U.S. to return to its past glory. What glory one may ask?

Are they speaking of going back to the 1940s and 1950s when racial segregation was still legal in the country and any remote notions of equality and self-determination for African…

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