HIDDEN HISTORY: Little Big Horn, Sitting Bull and the Betrayal of General Custer


Source – freerepublic.com

“…Was General Custer Betrayed? – In the months preceeding his death, General Custer had been in the nation’s capitol, subpoenaed against his will to testify before a Congressional Committee on the corruption in the Indian Department, and within the Army itself. General Custer’s testimony had named Orville Grant, the brother of President Grant, as well as Secretary of War Belknap, as leading partipants in this corruption, as well as other key member’s of President Grant’s administration”:

(Was General Custer Betrayed?)

Captain Thomas B. Weir was the commander of company B, in Captain Benteen’s battalion (one of the three columns that Custer sent against the Indians at Little Bighorn). On June 25, 1876, Weir followed Benteen in his scout on the South of the valley, looking for “satellite villages” (other Indian villages around the main one). __


When Benteen understood that…

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