The Mind of A Predator

Awakening Journey


Recently, I saw a movie called, “Spotlight.”  It is the story about the Boston Globe’s Newspaper’s exposure of the massive and systematic coverup by the Catholic Church of 249 priests molesting over 1000 children in Boston, Massachusetts.  The Catholic Churches throughout the world to include the Pope and the Vatican knew, covered up, and allowed the perpetuation of child abuse throughout the world over the course of many years.

It is a true atrocity of humanity when spiritual organizations that we trust perpetuate crimes against the children of the world.  This hypocricy and corruption should never be condoned or forgotten.  It is with sadness that the Catholic Church allowed and created the environment for such heinous crimes to continue against so many children throughout the world.

In one scene of this movie, one of the priests was questioned by a Boston Globe’s reporter.  During this questioning, he admitted to molesting…

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