Funny Business in the DNC? (what a surprise!)… NY Post 7-22-16… “Leaked emails show how Democrats screwed Sanders”

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bernie_sanders_future_to_believe_in_1Well, what a surprise. It appears the DNC (Democratic National Committee)(and “the media”) was only intending for Hillary. I believe the second article below has the more “fascinatingly apocalyptic” (unveiling) information.

I’m posting links and highlights from these two articles.

Thanks to Santa Fe Roger for these two.

Leaked emails show how Democrats screwed Sanders

“The suggestion of undercutting Sanders based on religion is included in one of 19,252 hacked emails dumped Friday — just ahead of Democratic convention in Philadelphia — by WikiLeaks. The emails appear to have been stolen by the hacker “Guccifer 2.0.”

“The DNC was supposed to be neutral in its party primary between Hillary Clinton and the Vermont senator. But the latest batch of emails confirms the party establishment was in the tank for Clinton well before the primary had been decided by voters.

“And top DNC officials were not happy when they were…

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