Clinton: Yes, Americans are fearful— but I’m a woman!



As the Republican National Convention kicked off its Make America Safe night Monday, CBS aired a conversation between Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and renowned interviewer Charlie Rose. During the exchange, Clinton admitted Americans are worried but said she has a secret weapon.

“There is a lot of fear in our country. And when Americans are worried they’re looking for answers,” she said in an effort to explain Trump’s popularity.

“He’s providing simplistic, easy answers. ‘Let’s make America great again,’ which means basically, ‘We’ll go back to the way it was,’” she said.

Clinton told Rose that she is the obvious best choice for president because she’s so very different as a presidential candidate.

Rose, however, pointed out: “You come from the establishment, you have a deep political history, you have been part of the establishment since you were the first lady of Arkansas.”

Clinton didn’t address the fact that…

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