Egyptian MPs Vow To Make Bush, Blair Stand Trial For Iraq War Crimes


by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

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MPs in Egypt are calling for former British prime minister Tony Blair and former US president George W. Bush to be put on trial for war crimes in Iraq. 

The Egyptian parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs have requested that the two ex-world leaders be arrested and tried in court over the illegal invasion of Iraq. reports:

The Chilcot report “has exposed the false reasons which … Bush and … Blair had exploited to wage their illegitimate war against Iraq,” the statement read, adding that the war on Iraq left over one million people dead and millions more injured and displaced.

Bush and Blair “should be put on trial as war criminals not only because they are the ones who trumpeted the reasons for this war, but also because they should be held responsible for the deaths of millions of Iraqis since 2003,” the statement added.

The 6,000-page Chilcot report…

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