Is McDonald’s opening marijuana-friendly smoking sections in Colorado?


mcdonalds-colorado-marijuana-friendlyPhoto Credit: JeepersMedia via Compfightcc

You may have heard that 15 McDonald’s franchise locations in Colorado are getting into the full spirit of marijuana legalization by converting their McDonald’s Play Place areas into marijuana-friendly smoking areas.

The rumors are swirling around online and seem to be traced back to a site called, which claimed that each McDonald’s “facility will consist of 15 smoking pods in which customers can smoke a joint, bong, or pipe without being harassed or bothered by people who are offended by it.”

mcdonalds marijuana

Too good to be true?

Yes. If your spidey sense is tingling, it’s because this story is made up.

Alas, no McDonald’s locations in Colorado, or anywhere else for that matter, have indicated they plan to add marijuana-friendly sections to their establishments. Ho Hum.


Let’s review Colorado pot laws

Colorado has legalized recreational marijuana for adults, but it is still…

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