Nasser Kandil: What if Washington followed Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel?

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Written by Nasser Kandil,

نهاية سلطنة الوهم وعاصفة الحزم وإمبراطورية القرم

Washington knows the lie of the claims of its Saudi, Turkish and Israeli allies about their independence of it as they say in their public speech, it is aware that what they are doing is just to call it to accept their choices of escalation in Syria, and the continuation of the language of war till changing the facts, overthrowing the country and its president and defeating its army and its allies, but with a direct American involvement, Washington has tested their independence one after another, it knows that these three countries along with France and Britain have weapons of modern air defense, but they do not dare to give them to the armed groups, so they ask Washington to do that for them, or  to allow them to do that. Washington knows that Turkey and Saudi Arabia announce that they are ready for a military…

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