Credit Card & Social Security Number SCAMMERS !!!


CREDIT CARD SCAMMERS.222222222222222Credit-SCAM Credit Card SCAMMERS on 785-925-3490!! Saying you owe them money, but actually they phishing for your REAL CREDIT CARD NUMBERS! BEWARE! They are SCAMMERS!

Asked for ss # and cc info then wanted bank # so I gave them everything and was scammed. Now im broke and homeless. DONT DO IT!

Why the hell would anyone answer a cell phone when they do not know the caller, especially in this day and age of scammers who will ruin your life in a New York minute! This is obviously a scammer. Don’t you people know ANYTHING?

Got the call and was transferred to a rep stating I owed money on credit card. They asked for my SS number and I told them 1-800 – fuck you.


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