Report Saying CIA Did Orlando Shooting Going Viral!


The shocking report on claiming James Howell spilled the beans on the CIA involvement in the Orlando shooting as well as their plot to attack the gay parade on the West Coast has now gone viral thanks in part to the readers of BeforeItsnews.  In my video I go over some interesting things that seem to make James Howell’s testimony fit.  First we know now there are multiple shooters no matter what the Fake News tell us.  We know there was at least one witnesses who said they heard Omar saying he had help inside the club including a woman wearing a suicide vest!   Was this woman the “Brandy” Howell mentioned to police?

Did GetOfftheBS just break the biggest story in history?  We shall soon see!  I personally think it’s true because of the huge risk this website would be taking if they simply made up a story…

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