Top 10 FAKE health choices most Americans believe are helpful


Healthy eating

(NaturalNews) It’s really disappointing to go on a health “kick,” only to figure out that what you’ve switched to is just as bad, if not worse, than what you were consuming before the change. It happens all the time, and to the best of folks. Why? Because most people believe what they read or hear in the mass media, or on talk shows, or in “health” magazines, that are written by industry shills who are hoping you’ll make more bad choices and buy more toxic products that are manufactured, distributed and sold by the same corporate food giants who sell all the other processed “foodstuff” nightmares.

The oldest sales trick in the book is called “close by choice.” This is where the salesman (or corporation for this example) gives you two choices, one always seemingly better, so that the consumer will feel in control and choose only from the offered…

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