Russia’s Still Playing Nice – Be Thankful for That

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Russia’s Still Playing Nice – Be Thankful for That

Originally appeared at American Committee for East-West Accord

Political Scientists like to explain reality in terms of familiar mental constructs, such as search for legitimacy, priority of domestic policy, newly found military strength, etc. And so what we have in these articles is a standard traditional application of those to contemporary Russian foreign policy. What is wrong with this is that it misses the emotional side of things, the gut feeling, the sense of pride and national injury.

Most Russians today, as demonstrated by numerous public opinion polls, believe that the West has encroached on their traditional territory and in the case of Ukraine that the West usurped what many believe is a part of the nation, one nation. Yes many including Lavrov said that Ukraine and Russian are one nation.  Western oriented, democracy loving intelligentsia types, who in 1989 chanted…

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