Bilderberg Agenda 2016 | The World’s Elite are Scared to Death of the “Precariat” – the ‘Awakening Ones’ ~ June 11, 2016


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I won’t ask what you think of the next presidential election in the US…because I do not think there will be one. However, the circus of, behind, and in this election is like none other ever seen. Why is that? Because the “standard” way of holding any election in the US has been, always was, and will be the matter of fraud.

This election fraud in the US is now being recognised by many people who are disenchanted with their present circumstances…with no horizon in sight for the distressing state of health, education, business, miltary, and every other aspect of life. These disenchanted folk are wary of any candidate who operates “the same old way” and are thus becoming a body of “loose cannons” whom the folks now meeting at the Bilderburg Group cannot control.

This article, from Justin who presents on Stillness in the Storm blog, does an excellent…

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