Resolving Karma through Forgiveness

Awakening Journey


In an earlier post, I wrote about how certain people and events who cause disappointments and heartache are brought into our lives for a reason.  I suggested closely observing your interactions with them.  They are intended to teach us something about ourselves and are our major lessons of life. If you take this opportunity to learn these life lessons, it will lead to major breakthroughs and transformations for your soul.

Recently, I forgave a person who caused disappointment and terrible heartache for me not only in this lifetimes, but for many past lifetimes.   This connection with others is called karma as we had unresolved issues with each other causing this karmic connection between us.  It was a four year process for me to acknowledge what this connection actually was.  Then I went through the difficult progress of understanding what I was intended to learn from this karmic connection.  Finally, I…

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