The true face of the U.S. rogue state: 40 people killed by Al-Nusra shelling on Aleppo residential areas, while the American regime asks Russia not to target Al-Qaeda gangs in Syria [Sergey Lavrov and Russian Military Reports]

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40 people killed by Al-Nusra shelling in Aleppo
[Russian military]

The terrorist group Al Nusra Front has killed over 40 people in massive artillery shelling of the Syrian city of Aleppo, the Russian military reported.

The Al-Qaeda branch used rocket artillery, mortars and anti-aircraft cannons to attack several neighborhoods of the war-torn city, the Russian military mission in Syria reported on Saturday.

© Hosam Katan_Reuters

The attack devastated a police station and seriously damaged several residential buildings, the report said. Over 40 civilians, security officers and military troops were killed by the shelling while some 100 were injured.

Russia wants to ramp up airstrikes on Al Nusra Front forces in northern Syria, but the US is asking Moscow to postpone it. Washington says moderate rebel groups and terrorist forces mingle among each other and that the US needs more time to pressure the moderates to pull out from Al Nusra-held…

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