Facebook Wastes Time Harassing Christians Who Criticize Islam While ISIS Sells Christian And Pagan Girls As Sex Slaves On Facebook



Over the past six months, Shoebat.com has experienced increasingly greater harassment from Facebook for “violating community standards,” which is a euphemism for making somebody upset because we wrote something they did not like. In all cases the complaints have been bogus, but the fact is that Facebook is not the “free” platform it claims to be. It is a private corporate playground and ultimately, it is the Facebook “censors” who determine what content they allow on their networks.

We have documented how German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President and Sultan aspirant Recep Erdogan both have been working with Mark Zuckerberg to silence criticism of Islam and report critics to their respective governments for prosecution. Zuckerberg has shown himself to be a willing participant- so long as he continues to make money and have fame he will continue to sell out Western civilization for his 30 silver pieces.



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