You Are Your Own Sovereign Authority

Alania Starhawk

We are the Light of Divine Consciousness in human form!!

It’s true…and yet we are only beginning to trust this truth as valid and certain for ourSelves.

Dear Spirit…I ask for guidance and inspiration.   Please share that which will inspire us now.

In ancient days, all commonly recognized themselves as inherently sovereign and empowered.  Lack and fear held no power in this adventurous earth experience…and the knowing that that each BEing was a free-expression of Divine Source was still in play.

All collective communities were co-existing, co-creating,  and symbiotic.  The separate and individual “I” did not yet anchor itself into the earth paradigm.

Unity consciousness was a fundamental aspect of the experience.   So there was no expectation placed upon any ONE to be the answer, to be the responsible one, or the primary cause.   

All naturally wove their individual energy and effort into the whole…in perfect balance…

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