Navy SEAL Member of Congress Drops Bombshell About Iranian Capture of US Sailors



It appears I am not the only person who thinks the “fiction being peddled” by the Obama administration about our sailors who were detained in Iran sounds like total nonsense. Current Congressman and former Navy Seal, Rep.Ryan Zinke, doesn’t seem to think the story adds up to a hill of beans either. What’s curious is why it takes a former Navy Seal to notice the story being given makes absolutely no sense before anyone pays attention to it??? 

My post from last Thursday titled,What the Father of Lies (Obama) is Hiding About ISIS From You Nowis included again at the bottom, for those that missed it because it wasn’t a Navy Seal who was making the painfully obvious observation at the time. 

Question: At what point do Americans start to question the nonsensical narratives being doled out by a government that hasn’t told the truth since bell…

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