US-led France ignored reality in Syria, harmed itself with Russia sanctions – frmr French intel boss

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8 May, 2016 04:47
Alain Juillet © Romain Lafabregue
The French government ignored its own intelligence in dealing with crises in Ukraine and Syria, and recklessly followed Washington’s lead by joining anti-Russian sanctions, dealing a huge blow to its agriculture, said a former French intelligence boss.

Alain Juillet, former deputy director of intelligence at France’s General Directorate for External Security, accused French authorities of making a range of poor foreign policy choices, such as its pro-rebel stance in the Syrian crisis and anti-Russian response to the Ukrainian turmoil, which he says have proven detrimental to French citizens.

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An activist shouts slogan in front of French Gendarmes during a demonstration against the French labour law proposal in Paris, France, May 3, 2016 as the labour reforms law reaches parliament today with 5,000 amendments to be discussed. © Jacky Naegelen

“The French were certainly wrong on Syria and Ukraine,” Juillet told Paris Match on Thursday, while citing two possible reasons for the authorities’ policy blunders. One potential explanation he offered was that the government…

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