Hillary’s Email Reveal Assassination Orders on Whistleblowers!


5-9-16 Intel Update!  Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal assassination Orders on Whistleblowers!  www.stewwebb.com

5-8-16 Intel Update!

US and French Intelligence are working together behind the scenes to insure Hillary Clinton never reaches the Whitehouse!  Even though the fake news has covered for Hillary for decades, it’s all coming apart now.  French Intel reports FBI Director, James Comey has taken a bribe and will not prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes which are Legion!  Today, the fake news said James Comey will come out and meet with everybody on May 11th to finish up his coverup!  If every person reading this article shares it, James Comey will be completely exposed as a lying fraud when he says Hillary is innocent!  Send it to all email lists!

But even if Comey does his evil by not prosecuting Hillary, US and French Intelligence are already releasing the crimes of Hillary Clinton through Stew…

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