Civilization Returns to Palmyra–While the West Scoffs

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Posted on May 7, 2016

[Ed. note – Western media have been taking some cheap pot shots at the glorious concert given Thursday in Palmyra by the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra. It’s sad in a way. The concert was so uplifting, so very wonderfully meaningful and symbolic. The propaganda war waged by these people is relentless. ]

Even those with a limited knowledge of Russia may be credited with having heard of St Petersburg being called the Venice of the North. This is a title it must share with a variety of other claimants famed for their canals, such as Bruges in Belgium, although St Petersburg has more justification than competing cities given its common architectural roots with the Venice of the South, namely the leading 18th century Italian architects who contributed greatly to forming its appearance.

To cognoscenti there…

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