Learning to ground and Connect With The Earth

Reiki With Friends

A spirit-inspired guest post by Brad Austen.


Grounding is an important practice to help you feel balanced, safe and connected. It is sometimes called Earthing, but means the same thing.

There are many situations in life that can throw you off-center and create imbalance. Some of these can include stress, alcohol, drugs (including medication), and if you are particularly sensitive, other people and large crowds.

Thankfully, there are many ways to center and ground yourself.

These can include eating certain foods, particularly organic foods that have been grown in the earth, spending time in nature, preferably barefoot, and through meditation.

A grounding meditation that utilizes visualization is best for this purpose.

Grounding is Important

EarthingApart from indigenous communities still living a traditional lifestyle, by and large, the developed world has lost its connection with the earth.

Wild animals have kept this connection and it is often said…

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