ODESSA: FBI Documents Confirm Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945 (Archive)


Source – geopolitics.co

– Hidden in plain sight at FBI.gov, a document confirming the whereabouts of Adolf Hitler at the closing of World War 2 can be downloaded there.

He’s been roaming the entire United States until the ripe age of 92…

fbi hitler file
Click on the image to download your own copy of the FBI file on Hitler post WW2 era.

From the above document:

“January 12, 1945 – I received a visit from X, a well known German Agent. He hinted at the possibility of German defeat and gave me a period of two days to think of the most suitable spot in South America as a refuge for Hitler and a group of German Scientists and officers, in case the latter should find it necessary to “disappear from the world scene” temporarily.

January 13, 1945 – I wracked my brain trying to decide what spot would provide the greatest…

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