The U.S. gets what it paid for in Afghanistan, Increased Heroin Addiction in the USA

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“Narco-State Afghanistan” Leads to Heroin Addiction in the USA

White House Makes a Big Deal of New Heroin Efforts–But Says Nothing about Stemming the Flow or Why We’re Still at War in Narco-State Afghanistan

By Dr. Meryl Nass

On March 29, 2016 the White House issued a press release on its new heroin initiative. The Washington Post described how much Obama proposed to do. The long list of fixes and new public-private partnerships relate almost exclusively to treatment. The 1 billion dollars, Obama said, will treat “tens of thousands” of addicts.

Additional treatment is desperately needed, but the money won’t go far. The White House and RAND said in 2014 that the US had 800,000–2.4 million heroin addicts. Treatment requires many months, or years, and costs tens of thousands of dollars per person. The new funding will support less than 10% of those needing treatment.

Speaking at the National Prescription…

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