COLD SPRING 2016 UKRAINE REPORT! Elenovka Tragedy, War vs. Monuments, Nuclear Disaster Warning, How Putin Outplayed Them All

Futurist Trendcast

May Holidays and the dangerous spring 2016

This is a cold and dangerous spring of 2016. At least in Ukraine it is. So much is going on that I’ve decided to publish this new UKRAINE report in two parts.

Part 1 addresses a number of crucial events and important threats facing Ukraine. These are:

1 The shocking Elenovka tragedy that is a clear proof of Kiev breaking the Kiev peace agreement.

2 Polish and Ukrainian war against Russian monuments and their own history.

3. The whole truth about Hitler and Nazi Germany.

4. What does Russia really want in Ukraine?

5. Chernobyl-2 in the making: persistent dire warnings of possible new nuclear disaster in Ukraine!

6. How Putin and Lavrov, through peaceful means and reason, outplayed Merkel and Hollande and why Poroshenko won’t able to attack DNR and LNR.

7. Also in this report: a concise Lada Ray guide to Ukraine’s parts.


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