Syria’s Democracy Shames America’s Sham Process

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Syrian Democracy Shames America’s Sham Process

by Stephen Lendman

Assad is a reformer, not a dictator  – what Western officials and media scoundrels disgracefully call him.
Bernie Sanders is no populist, democrat or peacemaker. He supports “overthrow(ing) (the) brutal dictatorship of Bashar Assad” – a flagrant violation of international law, an appalling perversion of truth.
He endorses arming terrorists called “moderate rebels.” A Sanders administration will continue dirty business as usual, including US policy to replace all sovereign independent governments with puppet ones Washington controls.
In 2012, Syrians overwhelmingly approved new constitutional provisions by an 89% majority. Democratic reforms are real.
Political pluralism was established for the first time. So were presidential term limits and press freedom.
Western officials mocked overwhelming popular sentiment. Then secretary of state Hillary Clinton turned truth on its head, claiming “a phony referendum that is going to be used by Assad to justify what he…

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