Obama tries to take credit for Russia’s success in fighting ISIS in Syria

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Obama Claims Success in Combating ISIS He Supports…

by Stephen Lendman

Obama is a notorious con man, a serial liar, a moral coward, a Wall Street tool, an anti-populist, a war criminal multiple times over – a typical US president, only worse.
His Wednesday address at CIA headquarters was predictable demagogic duplicity. He took credit for Russia’s war on terrorism, claiming “ISIL is on the defensive” thanks to US-led coalition efforts.
Its thousands of airstrikes in Syria and Iraq with so-called partners failed to hit ISIS targets, willfully avoided them, continues focusing on infrastructure and government sites in both countries.
America’s war on terrorism is entirely fabricated. Russia’s is devastatingly real, smashing ISIS and other terrorist groups, destroying their weapons, munitions, command and control areas, bunkers, other facilities and will to fight.
America wages endless wars in multiple theaters, responsible for millions of lives lost, vast devastation and unspeakable human…

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