Charles Bausman’s courageous stance against a US propagandist

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Foreword by The Saker: I wanted to share with you a remarkable moment on Russian TV.  During the talkshow Special Correspondent Charles Bausman, Editor and Publisher of Russia Insider, had the courage to contradict a fellow American journalist, Michael Bohm, and denounce the propaganda the latter was spewing. Bohm, who is fluent in Russian, is known all over Russia the THE mouthpiece of US propaganda.  Every time a Russian talkshow host wants to get a “typical” (i.e. “official” anddoubleplusgoodthinking) point of view on Russian TV, they invite Bohn, who never disappoints the audience with his unfailing loyalty to the US Empire’s hegemony over the planet. That day, however, Bausman showed the Russian people a totally different kind of American, one which who speaks the truth and is clearly a friend of Russia.  As a result of their Soviet past, it is quite easy for Russian to differentiate…

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