MSNBC’s Chris Matthews “the problem with USA elections are that people are allowed to vote”

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‘Letting People Vote? That’s Leadership?’ – TV Pundit Says GOP Should Rig Primaries to Stop Trump

MSNBC chowderhead Chris Matthews praises the Democratic Party for making sure the ‘right’ candidate wins. But he’s furious that the GOP hasn’t done the same.

If it accomplishes nothing else, Donald Trump’s candidacy has shown that the establishment despises the American voter: If you don’t vote for the “right” candidate, you are an “idiot” who probably shouldn’t even be voting.

MSNBC’s legendary establishment boot-licker Chris Matthews perfectly embodies this level of contempt for American voters.

In a rambling outburst after Trump was announced the projected winner in the Nevada caucus, Matthews lamented that unlike the Democratic Party, the GOP had allowed the “wrong” candidate to win

Here’s a rough transcript:

MATTHEWS: …[Nevada Senator] Harry Reid was out here working ever one of the casinos. He made sure his party won. And you can bet…

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