Any “Fall” From Divinity Can Only Be By Perception 

Alania Starhawk

I was gifted a vision last week.   It’s a vision I’ve seen before……but this time it’s symbolism became crystal clear.

I was dressed in pure white….as a priestess of Divine Grace.   I found myself at the bottom of beautiful stairs that led to a Sacred Pyramid.   I knew that I had been born into that Sacred Pyramid of Light and Knowledge…..with the purest essence of all that is Divine.     I originally held no sense of duality….or concept of right and wrong, or pleasure and pain.

In my natural state….I saw only beautiful free-will experience internally guiding all on their human journey!!

When I was blissfully standing within that pyramid of Light…….only LOVE filled my heart for all of humanity.   I could see only Potential and Light flowing to and through each precious soul.

But in this particular vision….I found myself at the…

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